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This is probably gonna be the best four hours of my life. This playlist proves that @kanyewest is really a musical genius.

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Congratulations Spike Lee on New York renaming your famous Bed-Stuy block into Do The Right Thing Way.

We are looking forward to celebrating that fine film’s anniversary later this month in L.A. and Brooklyn (

black tumblr

black tumblr



Little illustration I made for the flyers for my comics workshop at my local library/place of employment. It’s supposed to convey the magic of reading comics! Go comics!
Eddie Murphy x Mike Tyson
Two of the….
undisputed greatest in their respective professions.
celebrities who didn’t make it out of the 90’s smelling like roses.
icons of an era where they lived so lavish they would do things like buy wild animals and make music videos with Michael Jackson.
legends that your little brother and sister only know as mediocre no matter how many old videos on Youtube and tall tales you share with them.
Kinda bums you out a bit, right? (Love to upnorthtrips for the pic.)




Lifelong friends, Stevie Wonder and Muhammad Ali

The first picture. 



You posted He’s not a great ambassador for the game, at least not as much as Magic Johnson is. He can’t praise the man who is currently the best basketball player on the planet because he feels like he’s a threat to his legacy. He can’t draft or procure talent that’s worth a damn and I believe that’s on purpose. Magic apologizes to Lakers fans when his team makes the playoffs as an 8th seed. Jordan laughs at Bobcat fans for buying tickets to what he knows is a God awful product. Jordan is still behind the greatest marketing machine in the world for the sake of selling sneakers to the hood. Magic brings businesses to the hood. 

Both of these guys want to remain in the spotlight, but as far as I can see, only one of them is justifying their purpose. 

That’s what it was! Ok. ill start with this: Why do we feel like Michael Jordan owes us anything? I loved Dominique Wilkins as a shorty, but whens the last time you saw him out here showing love to Kevin Durant? I think the Bobcats futility has more to do with hiring yes men more than it does  

You’re right about Jordan not needing to give LeBron his props, but Jordan doesn’t just not give LeBron props. This fool Jordan said LeBron can’t go left, that if you shut him down on the right side, he won’t be able to drive to the basket. WHAT HAPPENED THE OTHER NIGHT? And that’s kind of what I’m talking about, is that it’s not that Jordan doesn’t give him his props, it’s that he critiques him in a way that says, he isn’t as good as him. 

Magic is versus what kind of person Jordan is: Magic is a nicer guy, but it’s not just that he’s a nicer person, it’s what he’s done with his fame and success that you have to respect. I don’t think it’s wrong for me to want Jordan to be more like Magic, because unlike Jordan, who can’t seem to mutter one single sentence about the violence surrounding his shoes, Magic cares about people off the court.

I’m not saying Jordan was not as great of a player as I remember. I can’t unsee the incredible things he did. But if he still expects us to give a shoelace tip-sized damn about what he has to say, he’s been drinking too much spiked Gatorade. When history looks back on who meant more to the game and who meant more to the people who watched the game, I’m going to have to say Magic and then LeBron. Those guys care about people. Jordan cares about a person. Himself. 


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This is still the best use of this song today.

(Source: peakblackness)

Sam Jackson, Ruby Dee, Spike, Giancarlo Esposito, and Rosie Perez.(Not that y’all asked, but damn, I miss Brooklyn.)

Behold. You and your bae’s cute couple instagram post will never contain as much genuine affection and effortless swagger as this stolen moment on a summer afternoon between the King and Queen of peakness. The color blocking. The skinny tie. The HAIR. Whitney’s shirt looks like the Gordon Gartrell original Denise designed for herself after tossing Theo the decoy and stealing the good materials, and Mike is out here casually rocking what looks like a menswear-centric gun holster. Sorry folks, there’s no other levels to this shit. You’re looking at the #PEAK.

Historical day in Peak Blackness - September 4th
Let’s start with the most important thing:
 On this day in 1957, Governor Orval Faubus (BTW: THAT NAME THO) brought out the Arkansas National Guard to support segregationists who were protesting these nine fine young Americans, who were simply trying to, you know, INTEGRATE A GODDAMN SCHOOL. Thanks to them and all they endured. 
You might not know but a lot of other cool stuff happened today:
1960 - Damon Wayans is born. 
1977 - Kia Stevens is born. You may know her as Awesome Kong.
1981 - B’Day. ‘Nuff Said. 
1998 - Google is founded. Black people use Google all the time. Seriously, you probably used it like twice in the time it took you to read this. 
I’m Tommy Davidson and this has been another “Historical day in Peak Blackness.”


THE ORIGINAL BLUES BROTHERSMuddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf standing along side their touring bus somewhere in the Deep South.
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This is an amazing photo.
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